Dear valued partners,

TKV dd - Zadar, is the legitimate successor to "Otocanke" - Zadar which was founded in 1957. TKV, under group ownership became a company in it's own right in 1989 and in the process of privatization was registered as a publicly trading company 1992.

The founding capital for TKV was 3 273 400 DEM. Of the 32 374 offered shares 90% are owned by 3 Croatian émigrés from Australia, the remaining 10% are owned by a number of other small share holders.

TKV has met the needs of a modern market by restructuring production, the result has been very positive. We offer approximately 200 products which accommodate the shipping, fshing and petroleum industries. TKV has found it's place on the international market. Over 65% of our products are exported and currently our company leads Zadar industry as it's number 1 exporter. We are located in a very beneficial location, situated in Zadar's sea side industrial zone. There are positive initiatives which suggest that this zone may in the future become a tax free zone.

With our qualified and honest staff all of us at TKV will strive toward a trustful and mutualy successfull working partnership.

Mr. Mile Šekez

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